WHAT DO YOU(TH) THINK? Were YiA Training Courses supportive for youth workers? Is EVS actually contributing to Youth Work? Survey for all Youth Organizations beneficiaries of Youth in Action Programme- What was its impact on Local Youth Work Development? Help us to find out!

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is starting a survey, aiming to examine the impact of Youth in Action Programme on youth work development, from the perspective of youth organisations. Particularly this survey will help us to understand the impact projects implemented under the Youth in Action Programme made on the local youth work development in Europe. This questionnaire is targeting all youth organisations that were benefiting from the EU programme on youth, known as  Youth in Action in the period of 2007-2013.
With the survey we will try to gather the data and answer these questions,  so as we-as youth organisations can set realistic and achievable objectives for the new programme Erasmus+ based on the needs of the young people and the local youth work reality.The questionnaire will take you just 5 min of your time, and your answers will make big contribution to future of youth work development.We would like your opinion and feedback on Influence of the Youth in Action programme on the quality Local Youth Work.
This survey is done in line with the conference ‘Look Beyond’ that CID is organizing on the 10-11 of June, in Skopje, Macedonia, where the results will be presented and recommendations for the new programme will be made with presence of over 50 youth organisations from Europe and other stakeholders.
So, Give us your opinion about the impact of the 7 year long programme. WHAT DO YOU(TH) THINK?

Too fill in the survey click here. The survey will be open by the 25th of May