Preparations for the conference are continuing to happen on different levels. In Mavrovo, we are working on analyses of the challenges youth have faced during the applying and implementation process of projects. Also, we have asked people from around the world to share their best Youth in Action experience. See the video outcomes below.

Richard Ellul from Malta shared: “My favorite YiA experience is a TC in Thessaloniki; it included the topic of migration so we were able to interview lot of migrants and speak up about their challenges.”

Youth in Action has helped teachers to improve their lectures: “I am teaching political subjects and I think YiA is very useful because I gained lots of knowledge which I can implement to my lectures.”, shared Emilia Alaverdov teaching political subjects in Georgia.

Some of the challenges youth have came out with through analyses of Youth in Action programme are connected to young people with less education or reading/writing difficulties, whose access to the Youth in Action Programme was difficult or impossible. The guide was so long and intimidating and the language used was not youth friendly, regardless the ability and level of education.
Gerard Fenoy from France points out challenges of the programme nowadays: “I have worked with YiA from its beginning and I have seen the evolution. Today, I think there’s a problem of the quality of the seminars, meetings and training courses; maybe because participants are not so motivated.”

Antonia Lelas from Association “Realisation” from Croatia speaks about how Youth in Action motivates young people: “The international level, the experience, the motivation, different things people share with other people… it’s all quite motivating to have strength and ability to work and develop more of the projects you have started when you return home.”

You can as well join our sharing of stories by posting your video or photo from your favorite Youth in Action experience at #lookbeyond on Facebook or Twitter.